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    Not sure how to order your refurbishments online? View our simulation tutorials for the scoop.

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  • Important Notice Updated Site

    We have recently updated the website, and created new forms. All the old data from orders has been backed-up, but will not be put back on the site. If you need any of your information, please feel free to request it by contacting Valerie.

  • Living Material Ordering Sheets (LMOS)

    We no longer put Living Material Order Sheets in the science kits in order to prevent lost sheets. If you need to order your living materials, use our Living Materials Ordering Sheets form to have us fax the forms to you.

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  • Online and Ordering System

    In order to streamline the ordering process for science kit refurbishments and ensure that we receive all requests, we have implemented an online ordering system on our website for designated science kit contacts, and any teachers they give access to.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Having issues with ordering? Want to know how to request refurbishments? Get answers to the most common questions about science kit refurbishments.
  • Where to Find Us

    The Upstate S²TEM Center is located at the Whitlock Flexible Learning Center (formerly Whitlock Junior High School).
  • Science Kits & Resources

    The Upstate Materials Resource Center has science kits, math manipulatives, andtechnology (calculators, CBRs & CBLs) available for checkout, and Ellison dies available to use on-site.
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Online Ordering System

Choose from the following to order your refurbishments. Please note the descriptions for each in order to choose the correct form. Not sure why it's set up this way?

Living Material Ordering Sheets (LMOS)

This form is for requesting the forms that you use to order your Living Materials from Carolina Biological. How do I order living materials using the LMOSs that were faxed to me?

View the Tutorial


Consumable Items for Elementary Kits

This form is for ordering consumable items for all K-5 kits, as well as Experiments with Plants (STC), Levers and Pulleys (FOSS), Solar Energy (FOSS), Magnets and Motors (STC), and Variables (FOSS),


Non-Consumable Items for Elementary Kits

This form is for ordering non-consumable items for all K-5 kits, as well as for Experiments with Plants (STC), Levers and Pulleys (FOSS), Solar Energy (FOSS), Magnets and Motors (STC), and Variables (FOSS),

Refurbishments for Large, Multi-Box Kits for Middle Schools

This form is for ordering all refurbishments (consumable and non-consumable) for Catastrophic Events (STC/MS), Diversity of Life (FOSS), Earth History (FOSS), Earth in Space (STC/MS), Energy, Machines, and Motion (STC/MS), Force and Motion (FOSS), Human Body Systems (STC/MS), Light (STC/MS), Organisms—From Macro to Micro (STC/MS), Properties of Matter (STC/MS), and Weather and Water (FOSS) The other 6th grade kits (such as Variables (FOSS), Experiments with Plants (STC), etc. can be ordered using the two Elementary Kit forms.


Refill Kits for DSM, GEMS, Insights and Textbook Kits

Order Refill Kits for Delta Science Modules (DSM), Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS), Insights, and Textbook Kits (MacMillan, Glencoe Science and Science Explorer)

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